"The Pennsylvania Voter Data People"

How Valuable Would It Be

To Know In Advance Who Is Voting?

At Sylvan System, our focus is on helping candidates. You need to know IF someone is going to vote so you can contact them. It’s the question that truly matters in a campaign. It’s the question we answer.

You CAN predict voting behavior. It’s not easy, but it’s what we do. Voters have distinctive patterns. We identify the patterns, measure them, then accurately predict how likely they are to repeat them. We call it the Sylvan Scoring System or S3. We predict the future.

Voting Is A Binary Activity

A decision to vote has only two possible outcomes. You either vote or you do not. Yes or No. 1 or 0. At Sylvan System we created a mathematical formula known as an algorithm to accurately predict how likely each individual voter is to either 1 (Voting) or 0 (Not Voting). We express that as a number known as a T (turnout) score and a score is calculated for each voter.

S3 Is A Candidate’s Google

Ever Google something and find the exact thing you were looking for? That's the power of a good algorithm.


S3 does the same thing for voting, finding hidden patterns and nuances, comparing them against millions of other Pennsylvania voters and then accurately predicting a voter’s future likeliness to vote.